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Meal Planning App

Project Overview

Kitchinete is a meal planner mobile app designed to provide users with a seamless and personalized meal planning experience. The app features meal planning, a calendar, shopping list, profile, and meal search functionalities. Our goal is to help users simplify their meal planning process, manage their grocery shopping effectively, and achieve their health and wellness goals.

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Our approach

Kitchinete is a mobile application that helps users plan their meals, organize their grocery shopping list, and search for healthy meal ideas. The app offers a variety of features that help users stay on track with their meal planning goals, including a meal planner, calendar, and shopping list. Additionally, the app provides a personalized experience, allowing users to customize their meal plans based on their dietary preferences and nutritional requirements.

The Problem

Many people struggle with meal planning and grocery shopping, which can result in unhealthy eating habits and wasted food. Traditional meal planning methods can be time-consuming, and grocery shopping can often be disorganized and inefficient. Additionally, finding healthy meal ideas that fit one's dietary restrictions.

The Goal

The goal of this project is to design a user-friendly meal planner mobile app called Kitchinete that helps users plan their meals, create a shopping list, search for healthy meal ideas, and stay on track with their dietary goals.


To ensure that Kitchinete meets the needs and expectations of its users, extensive user research will be conducted. This will involve analyzing user behavior, feedback, and preferences through surveys, interviews, and usability testing. The gathered data will inform the design decisions and ensure a user-centered approach.


The Kitchinete app has the potential to positively impact users' eating habits and reduce food waste. Through the development process, the team learned the importance of user-centered design, thorough research, and iterative testing. This project highlights the significance of creating digital products that prioritize user needs and promote healthy habits.
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