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Beauty Alien

Beauty Alien is a makeup brand that represents the daring and bold spirit of those who are unafraid to express themselves through beauty. The brand's unique and innovative products are designed to empower individuals to embrace their individuality and unleash their inner beauty.

Beauty Alien is the place for people looking for the next big thing.

From the latest scientific breakthroughs to hundred-year-old treatments that have never been bettered, Beauty Alien is a dedicated team of beauty fans on the lookout for the greatest beauty products the globe has to offer. They pride themselves on our transparency and they only sell items that blow us away, whether it’s a problem-solving treatment or a brand-new oil.

Beauty Alien, an activewear company, has debuted its first-ever beauty line in selfcare, a selection of personal care items aimed at women who respect high-quality products. The line’s brand identification structure, which included brand positioning, messaging, and packaging design, was created by us. The sleek black and gold packaging pays homage to Beauty Alien’s unique character while also conveying the line’s focus on function and usefulness in a premium package.

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Working with Bransis on our branding was an incredible experience. They were able to take our vision and bring it to life with a unique and cohesive brand identity. Their attention to detail and creative approach resulted in a brand that truly stands out and resonates with our target audience. We are thrilled with the final result and highly recommend Bransis for all your branding needs.
Beauty Alien

Our approach

Following the naming of the company, we decided to express the two words into a cohesive logo. So, we combined a feminine script font with the face of a woman alien. The logo needed to express the values of the brand and to symbolize its name. Overall, the branding for Beauty Alien, encompasses a premium feel, in a combination of black, white, and gold. The identity’s subtle elegance is carried over to the applications, which have a clean design and use color sparingly.


Helped the client with outstanding branding

Packaging Design

We design the Packaging for their products

Graphic design

We design various resources for their bradning

Social media

We helped the client with the Social Media Marketing and Design
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